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The 2019 St. Augustine Firefighter Chili Cook Off is in the books! Thank you to all that participated, attended and helped to promote it! This was our most successful event to date, with DOUBLE the attendance over last year and raising over $4,500.00 for Hoods for Heroes! 


Your chosen champion and runner-up for 2019 are:


  •  First Place: Friends of Engine 3 (Carlos Aviles, Spencer Matthiesen, Jon Veniard, Ryan Veslor)

  • Runner-Up: City Fire 'C' Crew (Zach Timmons, Madison Timmons, Brandon Seymour, Candace Seymour, Casey Vockell)


Congratulations to both teams and a heartfelt Thank-You to all of our other competitors: 

  • Clay County Fire Rescue (Brad Rogers and Chris Stokes)

  • Women & Wives of IAFF Local 3865 (Sammie Fendig, Jenny Doyle Martinez, Stacie Newman, Rachel Blanton, Julie Schafer, Ashley Groome)

  • Lucky Dog Chili / City Fire At Large (Chris Hullinger)

  • Palm Coast Professional Firefighters Local 4807 (Andrew Woolwine, Travis Greco, Joe Fajardo, Dan Kerr, Dan Hackney)

  • St. Augustine Lifesaving Association (Walter Kennedy, Josh Ashley, Chad Hardwick)

  • City Fire 'A' Crew (Guerry Bradley)

  • Firefighters & Fundraisers (David and Candace Bent)


As we all now bask in the glow of what was an amazing event, work is already under way for next years 10th ANNIVERSARY! We encourage EVERYONE to pencil in their calendar for one of the first two Saturdays in December of 2020! 


Do you know a firefighter who should put a team together to compete next year? Please send them this website! 


Do you know some people that didn't attend this year? Please send them this website! 


Special thanks to Ctrl-Alt Design for our sick website and hosting! Thanks to the St. Augustine Amphitheatre and staff for being such great hosts! Thank you to Andy's Taylor Rental, Craft's Trophies and Swing From the Rafters Design for being O.G. supporters from Day 1!


Thank you to SJC Green Hands for helping us keep the event and space environmentally friendly! Thanks to Dustin Monk & the Hustle for the great live entertainment. And a loving thank you to our event photographer Dora White of Dalinn Photography for always capturing the best moments from our event! Thank you to all the volunteers and security staff that kept the event flowing smoothly! I know there are so many others that helped us this year and along the way, and we are truly grateful for your support.


2019 is in the books and the 2020 plans are now underway! Thank you to all!!!


Again, THANK-YOU to everyone who competed, attended, volunteered and supported our vision of giving back for we are privileged to have the Best Damn Job in the World! 


Capt. Pete Weiland

City Fire, St. Augustine






Number of Non Profits Benefited 


Chili Cook Offs

Visitors Last Year

Funds Raised to Date

Admission to the event is FREE! We do ask for $1 per sample of chili. 100% of the funds raised for the chili samples goes directly to Hoods for Heroes!


Standard firefighter hoods are commonly referred to as “cancer sponges” because they are made of terry cloth, which when wet can absorb toxins through direct contact with a firefighter’s head and neck. This allows dangerous particles to easily enter the bloodstream through the thinnest skin on a firefighter’s body and puts them at greater risk of developing cancer. Particulate hoods, however, are made of barrier materials, including both new particle filter layers as well as conventional moisture barriers, which shield firefighters from toxic particles.

Hoods For Heroes is committed to providing all Firefighters with the protective hoods that can help reduce head and neck exposure to carcinogens by 99%!

Firefighters risk their lives daily. Now, you can return the favor.

Help Be The Hero For Heroes!



Our Community Sponsors help make this fundraising event the fun and successful day that it continues to be, year after year.

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